In the overcommunicated societies of our days, communicating more or shouting louder can paradoxically be a race to nowhere.

At XMIAA —Xavier Molina i Associats— we work to create individuality and precise brand position among the audiences adressed by your company, idea or organization, and at the very center of each project there is only you and your particular concerns, not us.

Our approach is that of a companion who observes and recommends, with a blank pad onto which we diagnose and devise, with you and from scratch, personalized plans for improvement through the most appropriate strategic marketing tools which enable rigorous and consistent tactical execution. Nothing else.

The expected result of our collaboration is that your value proposition is perceived more clearly in today's constantly changing competitive environments, and that consequently, society in general and your target audiences in particular, develop strong links with your brand.

If you would like to contact us, we could schedule a first conversation without obligation at your convenience.

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